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This demo font is strictly for personal use and no commercial usage is permitted. If the font is to be used for commercial purposes, a full version and commercial license is required and can be purchased. The same terms apply for corporate usage, where a corporate license is necessary. On the other hand, custom licenses are offered for those with specific requirements. The font should not under any circumstances be utilized for any commercial activities without prior consent. Severe penalty, including an extended license fee or 100 times the desktop license fee, may be charged for unauthorized commercial utilization of this font. The licensing procedures must be followed strictly and no post-usage license will be entertained. All information about the necessary licenses can be obtained upon request. The importance of adhering to licensing and usage terms of the font is greatly emphasized.

Is Patrena Rolane Free to Download on 1000fonts.com?

Yes, Patrena Rolane is 100% free to download but make sure to double-check if for personal or commercial use. Usually this information is displayed in the description of the font.

Font Name: Patrena Rolane

Design Date: September 06, 2023

Designer(s): Letterena Studios