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The font in question is strictly for personal use only, with no allowances for commercial use. Commercial use would require the purchase of a full version and commercial license while corporate use would necessitate acquiring a corporate license. Custom licenses are also available. Misuse of the font in any commercial capacity without proper licensing will result in sanctions that demand an extended license fee or a hundredfold of the desktop license price. Pre-use font licensing is accepted, however, post-use licensing is not adopted. The font licensing is strictly governed by the terms and conditions applicable at the time of license acquisition.

Is Rolner Free to Download on 1000fonts.com?

Yes, Rolner is 100% free to download but make sure to double-check if for personal or commercial use. Usually this information is displayed in the description of the font.

Font Name: Rolner

Design Date: August 17, 2023

Designer(s): Storytype Studio